How a Pickpocket Can Teach You 
Some Important Painting Techniques
Just by Learning This Exclusive “Butterfly” Method, 
Your Paintings Will Fly off the Wall
Imagine this. You want to go to Europe to see the world’s art treasures and paint the landscapes. But you don’t have even a few hundred dollars to your name.

Your choice … Skip the trip and wait till you can afford it. Or use every dime you’ve got to get there and work on the streets to make enough money to eat.

As a teen, Ken Salaz taught himself magic and would perform on the streets to make a little extra money to buy painting supplies.

When doing magic on the streets of Europe, he caught some pickpockets trying to steal his earnings. Instead of calling the cops, he got the pickpockets to teach him their tricks. And with some practice, he got so good, he could stand and talk to you while getting your watch and wallet without your knowing it.

I know what you’re thinking ... I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH A CRIMINAL!!

Rest assured, Ken never “picked” for a living — he never stole. But because of his pickpocketing skills, big crowds would gather around him, and he would pick someone’s pocket in the crowd without their knowing it. 

It got a big laugh and big tips. Enough that he could live in Europe for a year of painting and doing street magic.
The Magic Behind Magic
Ken Salaz discovered that you have to learn the depth and the psychology behind magic in order to entertain crowds. He applied that same depth to learning to paint, and now he’s going to share that experience with you.
Do You Believe in Magic?
You’re about to discover how to bridge the sometimes-wide gap between seeing it and painting it. It will be as though you’ve just learned how to perform a mystifying magic trick — a trick so real that it leaves your audience awestruck.

Welcome to Majestic Landscapes, a new instructional video with Ken Salaz, a highly talented artist, magician, and mentalist, and an instructor with the coveted Hudson River Fellowship.

Prepare to be amazed as Ken reveals his long-practiced and perfected painting maneuvers that will help you feel as though your paintbrush has turned into a magic wand!
As Ken’s career progressed, he kept a strong focus on incorporating all the things he loves to do into his “job” — working as a professional and highly accomplished oil painter and entertaining audiences as an in-demand magician and mentalist.
Why You Should Study With Ken
One of Ken’s greatest opportunities came when he studied with Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier. It was Jacob who introduced Ken to painting in the Catskill Mountains, where artists like Frederic Church, Thomas Cole, and Asher B. Durand brought majestic landscape paintings to America. 

This is where Ken’s love of landscape painting really took off, and led him to become a Fellow and now a Master Instructor as part of the coveted Hudson River Fellowship.


In 2018, Ken was named a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, a high-level designation that very few artists possess.
Don’t Be Fooled!
But don’t let Ken’s top-shelf credentials fool you … Ken is the real deal when it comes to teaching you how to bring light and drama into your paintings. He’s an excellent instructor — casual and encouraging. And what makes this video more fun than most … Ken throws in a little magic to make some points.
And Then There’s the Butterfly System
One of the most valuable things you’re going to learn from Ken is his self-invented, proven system for creating landscape paintings.

He calls it “The Butterfly System,” and he developed it to help everyone he teaches to really grasp the concepts of painting. He takes three elements that are in the landscape and brings them together with the three elements of painting, so you always have an intentional approach and a specific system to follow. This will help you paint with more self-assurance because you’ll have a strong foundation and structure to help guide you.

Learning Ken’s Butterfly method is worth the price of the video even if you don’t watch the rest of it. Your paintings will take on a new look and feel because of it.

Best of all ... You’ll ALWAYS know how to move your paintings forward rather than staying stuck in repetitive mistakes. Truly, there’s nobody better than Ken to show you how to escape that straitjacket we’ve all been caught in!
You Must See It to Believe It
Watch intently and don’t miss a single brushstroke as Ken demonstrates a full start-to-finish oil painting right before your eyes. As he paints, he’ll divulge the tried-and-true techniques that he uses to paint magic.

And don’t miss the interview with Ken — you’ll love hearing how his family encouraged him to pursue his art at a time when many young people were directed toward getting a “real job.” And you’ll hear the details of the pickpocketing story.

There’s also much to see in the digital gallery of Ken’s artwork that is included.
Art and Entertainment
Because Ken is an artist and entertainer, this video is one of the most unique we have ever produced, yet his instruction and artwork will immediately make it clear to you why we just had to bring him into our studio. You’re going to love this!

Here’s a little more of what’s in store for you:
  •  A practical approach to landscapes (Predictable? Yes! ... Boring? Never!)
  •  Start strong, finish strong (and stop struggling in between!)
  •  Encounter a problem in your painting? Here’s how to make it vanish!
  •  Begin every painting with THIS and you can’t go wrong!
  •  How to make the impossible possible (is it real or just an illusion?)
  •  Now Appearing: Magical Color Harmony (and you have a front row seat!)
  •  Secrets of the great masters (benefit from Ken’s years of study!)
  •  “Wow, how did he do that?” (Here’s how!)
  •  Finishing flourishes (now THIS is where the magic really happens!)
  •  And SO much more, including a little fun along the way!
Take Your Seat, The Show Is Starting
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You can select the DVD or digital version to watch on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — it’s all up to you!
Our Magical, 100% Money Back, No Tricks, Happy Painter Guarantee
We’re all about helping you paint magic, but we would never try to trick you out of your money! Buy this video and try the techniques for yourself. If, within 30 days of purchase, you just don’t see it the way we’ve described it, let us know. We’ll take it back and promptly refund every single penny you paid for it. In fact, we insist on giving you a refund if you’re not happy… happy you = happy us (and we like to be happy!)
Make Your Own Magic!
Discover Ken’s methods for adding magic to your paintings, and soon you’ll become the star of your own show!
P.S. Just take a look at the video clip and you’ll see why Ken is a genius when it comes to painting magic. You’re definitely going to want to find out how he does what he does!
We’re confident you will benefit so much from Majestic Landscapes with Ken Salaz  that you can return it within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your 100% of your money. It's our IRON CLAD promise. There is absolutely no risk. Our word is our bond and our reputation.
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