Attention, figure painters: You’re about to find out how to unleash your creativity in a big and bold way!
Now, You Can Truly Express Yourself Through Paintings That Are Fresh and Alive, Commanding the Attention of Everyone Who Views Them
You and your paintings will be the talk of the room when they see this!
Dear Figure Painters,

We’ve all had that moment when we walked into a room and were immediately drawn to a figure painting that commanded our attention. 

You can’t help but notice that everyone who enters that room walks closer to examine that painting in greater detail. And then they do what everyone does with a great painting: They look at the signature to see who the artist is. 

If you want your paintings to go from being wallflowers to the belle of the ball that everyone is drawn to, then keep reading!

Sometimes it seems that only the elite artists — the best of the best — are the ones who possess the secret formula that gets their paintings noticed. 

Do these elite painters know something you don’t?

You’re about to discover how you can make your figure paintings command the attention they so richly deserve.

We’re about to share something so good that you won’t be able to resist trying it. You’ll see that these secrets are exactly what you need to know in order to become a more highly talented and recognized figure painter.

What’s all the buzz about? Keep reading and soon you’ll be catching on to the big, fresh, and loose style that will allow you to have more flexibility and more fun with figure paintings.
This is Big … Literally!
Few things are as striking as walking into an art show, museum, or even someone’s home and seeing a massive figure painting. A painting like that IS the center of attention — a sure-fire conversation starter. But the secret is that it’s way more than just the painting’s size that grabs your attention. 

And wouldn’t it feel spectacular to be the artist who painted that “larger than life” piece that is garnering so much adoration?

You can be that artist!

Streamline Art Video is delighted to partner with Tim Rees to bring you:
Modern Figures: Painting Big, Fresh, and Loose
Just Who Is Tim Rees?
Out of a desire to hang artwork on his walls, but without the budget to do so, Tim Rees began painting. Once his own walls were full, he started selling some of his creations. But then, his own version of an existential crisis set in. He wasn’t sure of his “why” — why was he painting, and why should he continue?

He wanted more than just self-focused reasons to paint, and that’s when his inspiration began to shift toward teaching. He knew that not all artists like to teach, and he really felt he could contribute as an instructor. 

Now, over a decade later, he is the head of the Art Renewal Center-approved Rees Atelier in Arizona. Though he is best known for his loose portraits and life-size figure paintings, he paints and teaches all subjects in a range of techniques. His work has been featured in several publications and has attracted numerous awards. While some of his work has narrative or a message, his true motivation is to add to the inherent beauty of the world.
And you’ll see his motivation and enthusiasm shine through in this instructional video as Tim spends nearly 7 hours with you, guiding you from the preliminary steps to the final brushstrokes of a big, colorful, and breathtaking figure painting titled The Rise of Spring.

Along the way, Tim will guide you through:
  • Creating a shadow map to set placement
  • Resolving shapes
  • Differentiating between lights and darks
  • The details — from the face to the figure and then to the background
  • Simplifying your color mixing
  • Creating depth by using paint application
  • Making a variety of edges
  • All the techniques of working on a canvas that is as big as (or bigger than) you are!
Then, it’s your turn — taking everything you’ll learn from this energetic and in-demand instructor as you create your next (or first!) large painting.

But don’t worry if you’re just not into big paintings because you will benefit from Tim’s expertise for all of your figure paintings, regardless of size. His knowledge and skill are sure to help every figure painter to get better and better.

Take a look and see a bit more of what’s in store for you:
The WOW Factor
There is absolute power associated with large paintings that you just can’t get with smaller ones. And to be able to paint large, you really have to want to — that’s a whole lot of canvas to cover! You have to know how to handle the mechanics of working big, and you either have to have a place to hang that much of a painting or find someone who does.

For all of these reasons, grand-scale painting isn’t taught or shown nearly as much as its smaller counterpart … but that doesn’t mean your heart doesn’t ache to really cut loose and let your creativity show in a monumental creation.

Like a giant billboard along a well-traveled road, nothing communicates a message better than making it big! A large painting is eye-catching. Done well, it becomes a bold statement in its own space.

While there are complexities to painting big, this video shows you how much fun it will be to paint big and with brilliant color! The possibilities are endless!

Here’s just a glimpse of what Tim has in store for you in this video:
  • What you MUST do to avoid distortion (the root cause of failure in big paintings!)
  • The EASY way to outfit your model using the methods of John Singer Sargent — you’ll never stress over this again
  • The ONE trick to making your color study invaluable (simple and oh-so-necessary!)
  • Think like THIS and color will come easily to you (for every painting, not just big ones!)
  • The best way to apply paint? LOGICAL and EFFECTIVE (it’s all in the video!)
  • Trouble with measurements? Use this technique to get it RIGHT!
  • Do this every day and completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE as an artist (it’s never too late to start!)
  • Big paintings still need harmony … and here’s how to get it!
  • Help your audience feel like they’re part of the painting, and they’ll love you for it!
  • Do this and you will LOSE the juicy, delicious quality of your paint! (And you don’t want that!)
  • The 100% BEST way to paint BIG!
  • Why Tim’s “Robot Face” technique will help you beyond belief!
  • Create NATURAL beauty — so important when working in large proportions
  • The sure-fire way to create a painting that looks NOTHING like your model (and you really don’t want that!)
  • The one DANGEROUS move to avoid (save yourself a ton of headaches by following Tim’s advice on this!)
  • And SO much more!
Now is the time to paint big — to create a statement piece that is fresh and alive. One that will capture the eyes and minds of everyone who sees it … and one that will showcase your unique talents and truly set you apart from other artists.

Large-scale painting allows you to let your creativity flow because you’ll have so much room to work with. Your painting won’t be stale or labored — you’ll paint loose and free. Rather than including Every. Little. Detail, you’ll leave room for a little fantasy, sparking the imagination and conversation in the room. They’ll all be talking about your painting … and about you!

The best part? Though you’ll still be learning how to get facial features, clothing, and the background just right, you also get to relax and focus on the overall idea, concept, and design of the painting. Your goal becomes to evoke thoughts and emotions rather than just showcasing an object or model … and just imagine how good it will feel to express yourself and your own style in a big painting!

Maybe you’ve tried painting on a large canvas before and didn’t like the way it turned out. Or maybe you’ve just been thinking about going big for a long time. Either way, you’re going to get everything you need to create a painting that you’ll be happy with and proud to show or sell.

Let Tim show you:
  • How to get your proportions right
  • Different ways to communicate your ideas and message effectively
  • Techniques for making your focal point stand out when viewed from afar
  • How to create obvious texture
Don’t worry if big just isn’t your thing — you’re still going to benefit from Tim’s instruction for all of your figure paintings!

Whether you’re painting big or small, you’re going to discover how fun painting fresh, loose, and free can be!
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Your price: $137
Get in on this now while it’s hot on your mind and right at your fingertips.

Happy (large) painting adventures, my friends!
Eric Rhoads
Founder, Streamline Publishing

P.S. Think about what you could do with a jumbo canvas, big brushes, and a good amount of paint! Imagine how happy you’ll feel when you’re painting loose and free … and not stressing about tiny features. You and your grand painting will be the talk of the room as you proudly present your larger-than-life painting to your friends, family, and fellow artists. Even if you’re not ready to go big, you’ll benefit from Tim’s instruction in this video because it is relevant to every figure painting you do.
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