How This Bad Boy Went From Getting Kicked Out of College to Being an Urban Landscape Icon  
Scott Prior has nailed down a process for painting an urban landscape, but until recently, he’s only taught that process in local classes or in expensive one-on-one lessons.

However, we were able to convince Scott to come into our studio and reveal his techniques for painting urban landscapes. 
And we’re releasing it to you today, in our exclusive new video. 
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Most people don’t picture the typical artist as a tough-guy wrestler from the inner city. 

Yet every time Scott W. Prior got laid up with wrestling injuries in high school, his mom would take the art supplies from the attic and encourage him to paint to pass the time it took to heal his wounded body (and ego).

His friends would mock him for being an artist. “Some tough guy,” they’d say.
At the end of high school, Scott was accepted to San Diego State University, where he bounced around majors, trying to figure out where he fit in.
He tried everything from nutrition and physical therapy to business and radio communications…
…but no matter what he tried, Scott could not find a path that felt right to him.
And so he did what most any college kid would do … he partied.

In fact, he partied so much, and so hard, that he got kicked out of school.
He was back at home, unsure of what to do next. His mother handed him some art supplies and encouraged him to pick up painting again.
Before he knew it, he was attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, studying under such revered artists as Craig Nelson, Bill Maughan, and Huihan Liu.

From Waiting Tables to Fine Artist
When he graduated from the Academy of Art, Scott had big expectations for his career. He’d learned from the best in the business, after all.
And yet the art world isn’t always about how good you are at painting, and Scott struggled to find his footing.
In fact, for a period of time, he was doing jobs like waiting tables just to get by.
And then, on a whim, he applied to be a member of the California Art Club.
Most artists apply year after year to become part of this exclusive group, but Scott made it in on the first try.
Since then, he’s been a prominent member of the American fine art scene, but he’s become known as the “bad boy of fine art” because he never plays by the rules … in life or in painting. Instead, Scott makes his own rules. 

“Scott Relishes the Immediate, Take-It-As-It-Is, Gritty Reality of Contemporary Art.  There Is a Muscular Directness and a Tough-Guy Feel to His Work.”
Over the years Scott has developed his own unique process for capturing the life of urban scenes on canvas. He paints the same streets he grew up on.
This process is clear enough to apply on your own, but flexible enough to fit your personal painting style.
It’s something that anyone can learn, even if…
…you’ve never painted an urban scene before…
… or you’ve tried and been overwhelmed in the process.
An urban scene is unlike any other. The speed of a city means your scene is constantly changing. No one is sitting still waiting for your paint to dry.
There’s an energy infused into the scene by people, cars, and bicycles rushing by…
…massive towers of steel and glass rising up from all angles…
…an entire palette of colors dancing before your eyes.
Painting an urban landscape is an exciting challenge to take on, and there’s a deep satisfaction that comes with capturing these scenes on canvas.
Scott Prior has nailed down a process for doing so, but until recently, he’s only taught that process in local classes or in expensive one-on-one lessons (lessons that those who could afford it were happy to pay for).
However, we were able to convince Scott to come into our studio and reveal his techniques for painting urban landscapes. And we’re releasing it to you today, in our exclusive new video:

Painting the Urban Landscape 
With Scott W. Prior
In this in-depth instructional video, Scott walks you through the exact steps he takes to bring a natural urban scene to life.
Working in part from a photograph (a copy of the photo is included with the DVD), Scott will show you how to set up your scene, walk you through each step, and then reveal how to make the scene pop, adding drama to make it raw and real.
By the end of this video, you’ll know how to paint urban scenes that capture the energy of a moment better than any photograph ever could.
In Scott’s first ever training video, you’ll learn:

  • How to break tried-and-true painting rules — and why you should do it.
  • Scott’s secret brushwork technique to keep your lines thin and sharp (techniques even the most seasoned professionals don’t know about)
  • Why you should never paint your focal point first (even though your whole painting is built around it)
  • The color you should use in your first paint layer, the same way you use salt in your cooking
  • How to use every part of your brush to give your painting depth and complexity (while keeping your process unbelievably simple)
  • Where to place the slight changes that can have a huge impact on your final results
  • The exact colors and brushes Scott uses to paint urban scenes that come alive before your eyes
  • How Scott developed his own voice in a world filled with copycats and generic, “me-too” artists
  • The surprising role that this common, yet easily overlooked, object plays in bringing your painting to life
  • Scott’s process for working through a painting methodically from Point A to Point B (and why he eventually abandons this process to paint whatever catches his eye)
  • A natural way to create “color harmony” throughout your painting, and why it makes your paintings stronger (also something most artists never learn properly)
  • The tool Scott uses to create an amazing effect in his paintings
  • How to set the stage so your focal point pops from the scene and brings the painting to life
  • Which small details you can add in early (and how they can keep you motivated and excited to complete your painting)
  • Why you should break with convention and adjust the exposure, brightness, and contrast of the photo you’re working from throughout your process
  • Where you should hold your brush to get the most from your work
  • When you should add a little extra color to a scene, even when there isn’t any color in real life
  • How to produce fine lines on your painting
  • What the most important part of your painting is
  • The one seemingly minor detail that makes all the difference in bringing your painting to life
  • A fascinating tool Scott uses to improve his paintings
And much, much, more.

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If you want to learn how to capture the complex beauty and energy of a city in a way that’s simple and straightforward…

If you’ve ever wanted to take the energy and complexity that is the urban landscape and infuse it into a painting…
…with all of its rich and inspiring details…
…in a way that is straightforward and gives you complete confidence in your ability to succeed with any urban scene…
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He’ll reveal all of his techniques for painting light into the photo, capturing depth and atmosphere, and creating a texture that makes the painting come to life.
If for any reason you decide that this DVD has not dramatically improved your technique — or if you simply feel like it’s not for you — then all you need to do is send us an e-mail and we’ll issue you a complete refund.
No questions asked.
This means you can learn from a nationally renowned artist without risking a dime.

How Do You Know if Painting the Urban Landscape
Is Right for You?
It’s actually quite simple. This digital training collection is right for you if:
  • You love the energy of a city and want to learn to capture it in a painting
  • You’re a beginner or intermediate painter ready to take a course that will dramatically improve your painting technique
  • You’re an advanced painter who has painted urban landscapes before, but struggled to paint them in a convincing way
  • You enjoy trying out new painting techniques from the comfort of your own home
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