The Secret of Bringing a Dog To "Life" on the Canvas
Renowned painter Edwin Landseer was once called "the cleverest artist there is" by none other than Queen Victoria, British monarch during the 19th century…

Landseer was famous for his paintings of animals (especially dogs); some of his most popular works include Highland Dogs, Dignity and Impudence, and even Queen Victoria’s Spaniel "Tilco."

The truth is that if you take a look throughout history, the ability to bring a dog to "life" on the canvas is a skill admired by many, yet acquired by few.

But with the guidance of a master painter, you can achieve an incredible level of expertise when it comes to painting dogs. 

Of course, some would argue it’s an almost unattainable goal without attending regular classes or receiving one-on-one instruction.

And if you’re striving to become one of the greatest artists of all time, I would have to agree. 

More than that, you would also likely have to dedicate your entire life to painting, practicing morning through till night.

Yet know this:

You can still learn many of the secrets that gave Edwin Landseer, Rosa Bonheur, Maude Earl, John Emms, and Arthur Wardle the ability to produce some of the most distinguished dog paintings in history…

And now you can discover and use these painting secrets from the comfort of your very own home. 

We hire the world’s greatest artists and teachers to teach you their secrets directly.

ANYONE can afford to learn from a modern master...

We’ve teamed up with renowned dog portrait artist Johanne Mangi to bring you a
Step-by-Step Dog Painting Master Class Where You Paint Along
With Johanne in the Comfort of Your Own Home
While most people don’t realize it, there is actually a way to master the art of painting dog portraits without wasting years of your time and thousands of dollars.

What is this solution?

Learning from one of the world’s best canine painters through step-by-step instructional videos!

You see, we brought Johanne Mangi to our studio to walk you through the entire process.

In other words, we paid her "in-person" rate for you. It’s why you’re able to get this training for much less than you normally would pay for such high-quality instruction. 

Of course, you’re probably wondering how effective it is to learn from video. We imagine you’re skeptical about the lack of the personal coaching you would expect from a one-on-one session or a class. 

So let us reassure you that this training, in our humble opinion, is more valuable than the majority of art classes out there. 

After all, when you’re sitting in a live class, you can’t afford to miss one tiny detail. You don’t have the luxury of rewinding time!

If you miss something, it’s gone forever. 

Plus, I’ve yet to see an art instructor hand out binoculars for you to "zoom in" on the finer details of the painting. 

Yet in this training, the camera does zoom in, so you get a close-up view of what Johanne is painting. 

This gives you the power to analyze — and then emulate — every single stroke of her brush. 

Yet even if you do miss something, you’re able to rewind the training once, twice, or even a hundred times if you wish. 

We’ll tell you all about the specifics in just a moment... 

But before we do, here’s why Johanne Mangi is the ideal artist to show you how to paint dog portraits:
  • Johanne’s clients include many other artists, which shows you how highly regarded she is
  •  She has been asked by Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid to be a Friend of the prestigious Putney Painters. This allows her to participant in all Putney Painters activities.
  •  She has her own group, called "The Third Floor Painters"
  •  She’s a very active board member of the Hamden Art League
  •  She’s been asked to exhibit at the National Arts Club and Portraits, Inc. in New York City, as well as other high-profile venues
  •  She’s incredibly passionate when it comes to painting animals, especially dogs!
Johanne Mangi came to our studio to record this invaluable training where she shows you how to create lifelike dog portraits.

The training is called:
The Fine Art of
Painting Dog Portraits
Here’s how it works:

Johanne completes an incredible dog portrait from scratch, right in front of your eyes… 

She also comments while she’s painting, so you know what she is doing and why she is doing it.

The training is filmed so that it’s easy for you to paint along with Johanne. 

And remember: 

You can watch the training as many times as you like, which will definitely help you to continually improve your technique!
Here’s a taste of what you will learn in The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits:
  • The masterful way Johanne manages to bring the dog’s eyes completely "to life"
  • ​The important things you need to know before you paint a dog
  • ​The clever thing Johanne includes on the canvas so you don’t have to think as much when painting
  • ​Synthetic vs. natural hair on a brush (here’s what Johanne recommends you go with and why)
  • ​A great way to get a high-quality "support" if you don’t have unlimited time to dedicate to painting
  • ​The fascinating reason you should "back off" the medium on a slick surface
  • ​A startling terra rosa "warning" you won’t want to miss
  • ​Why Johanne loves to spend a lot of time on the eyes and how doing this can improve your work
  • ​Creating the strands of hair at the edge of a dog’s ear isn’t easy … yet Johanne shows you exactly how it’s done
  • ​A simple way to inject some "light" under the eyes
  • ​A popular piece of modern technology you shouldn’t use while painting
  • ​Why (and how) Johanne uses a "transparent" on her palette
  • ​Why you should NOT just put a little "dot" in the eyes the way most painters do
  • ​What you can do to show a dog’s toenails
  • ​How to avoid common errors in aligning facial features such as the eyes
  • ​What you need to watch out for if you’re painting a smooth-haired dog
  • ​Plus much, much more
Now let us be clear:

What we’ve just covered is merely a taste of what’s included in The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits.

There are plenty more tips, techniques, and strategies to be uncovered in this training, all of which will help you create beautiful, emotionally impactful portraits of dogs.

For the record, if you think this is about simply teaching you to paint by numbers and do animal caricatures, don’t worry — it’s not. 

Instead, you’re going to learn how to produce an incredible piece of fine art — the kind where your viewers marvel at your work and lavish you with praise. 

And here’s something else you should know:

When you buy The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits, you also get access to a personal interview we conducted with Johanne.

And this training gives you the opportunity to paint unlimited portraits — as large or small as you like.

Plus, you tend to treasure your own paintings more than somebody else’s, don’t you?
Our publisher wanted to make this an affordable video. 

His reasoning was simple:
  • He wants to get this training into as many hands as possible, because it’s his personal mission to help painters of all ability levels improve as artists... 
  •  Because he knows if you love this training, you’ll be more inclined to buy future ones we release…
Which is why he decided to sell this training for just: 
Retail: $146
Your price: $117
We’ll send you The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits in the mail, right to your doorstep!

Or, if you choose our streaming video option, you can access the training straight away, via digital download.

This enables you to watch your training on your computer, tablet, and even your smartphone.
You Now Have Two Options:
The first is to pass up this opportunity and carry on as you were. In fact, if you have no desire to paint a dog so realistic you’d think it’s about to jump out of the canvas, then this training isn’t for you. 

On the other hand, if you do want to complete a portrait of your own dog, a friend’s dog, or even a stranger’s dog that you can display proudly or even charge money for…

…then click the button below right now to order this incredible instructional video now.
Your friends,
The Streamline Art Video Team

PS: Painting realistic dog portraits is not an easy skill to get right. It’s why painters such as Edwin Landseer, who did master this form of art, are so highly regarded. 

Learning how to produce such paintings would take up a lot of time and money if you were to go the traditional route of attending art classes.

Yet Johanne Mangi shows you how to paint an amazing dog portrait in the comfort of your own home. 

Plus, unlike live training sessions, you get to pause, rewind, and restart this training as often as you like… 

…giving you the best chance possible of producing a masterpiece that will amaze your friends and family.

If you implement everything Johanne shows you … take on board all her tips and advice … spend time perfecting the new skills you learn … then you might very well create the pièce de résistance of your personal artwork. 

PPS: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits is perfect for novice painters, seasoned painters, and anyone in between. 

Of course, the less experienced you are, the more practice you will likely need. And vice versa.

Though ultimately, this training is something you can benefit from, no matter your experience level.
100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee 
With our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk whatsoever. If for any reason you open it, watch it, and don’t feel you got enough out of it to make it worth your investment, let us know and we’ll refund all of your money. No games. No pressure. We do this because we want happy customers.
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