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Animal Master Johanne Mangi Shows You How to Capture the Spirit of Animals
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Animal lovers unite!

Have you ever wanted to paint your favorite animal, but you don’t know where to start?

Do your attempts at animal portraiture look NOT like the animal or lack that “quality” feel?

Let’s face it, very few animals are going to sit for a portrait! But you don’t want paintings that look like a lifeless photograph either.

Is it really even possible to capture your favorite animal on canvas and have it not only look like the animal, but also show off its personality?

The answer is an enthusiastic YES!!
The Beauty of the Beast
Look at this beautiful stallion — stately and strong...

Gaze into his eyes and feel him looking right back at you...

That soft, velvety muzzle…

Notice his tousled mane and perked-up ears…

Imagine running your hand down his long neck, feeling his soft coat...

Immerse yourself in the presence of this majestic animal … look deep into his soul.

Friends, this is the magical feeling you’ll be experiencing when you discover how to properly paint animals!
"White Lightning" by Johanne Mangi
Paint with the Same Love and Passion That You Have for Animals
Professional artist, instructor, animal lover, and an owner and trainer of horses, Johanne Mangi is the perfect teacher to show you how to capture your favorite animals in paint.

Get ready, because Johanne is going to help you take the first steps with your painting. She’ll show you everything you need in order to dive right in with high energy and enthusiasm!

You’re going to really benefit from Johanne’s approach. She’ll help you focus on the fun and enjoyment of bringing your favorite animal friends to life in a portrait. And not just the animal’s features … she’ll demonstrate how to bring its unique characteristics and personality in, too!

This video even includes a lively adventure to a horse ranch where Johanne shows you some amazing and important details about horse anatomy.

Take a look at this preview of what Johanne has in store for you:
Spirited and Entertaining Teacher
Johanne Mangi is a renowned painter of animals. She has received international awards for her portrait work and has been invited to exhibit at the National Arts Club and Portraits, Inc. in NYC as well as other high profile venues. 

When she discovered her affection for animal portraiture, her acclaim began to soar. This confirms her philosophy that what interests you most as an artist matters!

Johanne enthusiastically hosts workshops with live animals present. She believes this is an extremely important element for keeping the paintings fresh and alive!
Soul Searching
Before you ever begin to paint, Johanne directs you to look deeply into the soul and spirit of the animal … to really see what amazes you about this creature you’re going to paint!

Doing this will inspire you to bring those feelings to the painting. You’ll be able to let your intuition guide you, allowing you to move beyond technical accuracy.

You’ll be portraying the energy, gestures, and movement of the animal … exactly what you’re aiming for!

This is how Johanne’s own love for animals is reflected in her paintings, and now she’s going to show you how to do the same in your work.
Loose and Lively
One thing Johanne won’t do is bog you down with lots of rules and systems — that is definitely not her style!

She’ll show you a much better way by encouraging you to first look into the soul and spirit of the animal and then proceed with painting in a direct, ‘get-to-the-point’ technique. This means you’ll be using that coveted “painterly” style — loose & lively!

Especially important in animal portraiture, Johanne goes in depth on what you should focus on, what you definitely need to include, and what’s best to leave out. This means you won’t be sweating the small stuff!

This not only allows you to paint faster, it gives the viewers of your paintings a chance to engage more by using their imagination to fill in some of the details — just like you did when you first saw the finished painting “White Lightning” at the beginning of this message!

In this video, you’ll see Johanne demonstrate this full painting — from the early prep work all the way to the final touches. You can paint right along with her or watch and learn so you’ll be ready to start your own animal portrait.
What you’ll discover in this video:
  • ​See more, paint less (Yes, it can be done!)
  • ​Not confident with your drawing skills? Now you will be!
  • ​Simple color mixtures - just what every artist needs!
  • ​Move past fear and uncertainty — draw and paint with new confidence!
  • ​Less choice = more freedom — here’s why!
  • ​Thought horses were too challenging? Don’t give up, now you’ll know how!
  • ​Capturing the genuine spirit of the animal!
  • ​Big brush ideas — this is going to be fun!
  • ​White is really not so white after all!
  • ​Avoid the little details that usually make you crazy!
  • ​What a smartphone can reveal about your painting (it’s true!)
  • ​Fit your painting time into your busy lifestyle (more painting = more fun!)
  • ​Full painting demonstration of “White Lightning” — you’ll see it all!
Miss This and Miss Out!
If you have ever wanted to learn to paint animal portraits, don’t miss this video! Johanne has so much for you here. 

In addition to animal portraits, Johanne is going to teach you how to draw better — an essential skill for every artist!

You’ll also enjoy painting with more confidence because you’ll have these new skills:

- Gridding techniques to keep proportions correct
- Simple color mixing
- Identifying major landmarks on your subject
- Johanne’s proven “get-to-the-point” method

This video is 7 hours of instruction and you won’t want to miss one minute of it!

Order now and discover the fun and excitement that comes from plunging right into your paintings with confidence, energy, and enthusiasm!
Perfect Time for a Perfect Pairing
It’s the perfect time to blend your passion for animals with your passion for painting!

Study with Johanne and discover the best way to capture the heart and soul of the animals you adore — whether it’s horses, hounds, or hippos, what you’ll learn here will transfer to everything you paint.

The full retail price for this video is $171 but you won’t have to pay that. Your price for this white-hot video is just $137 — that’s a $34 savings!

Available in DVD format or digital for those of you who like instant gratification! For digital fans, order now and you can be watching on your computer, tablet, or smartphone in just a few minutes!

Don’t miss out on this great price for an amazing video that will show you how to turn your excitement for animals into high-quality portraits!

What customers are saying about "The Fine Art of Painting Horse Portraits":

Johanne is very informative, down to earth and not afraid of sharing her knowledge with others. I am very pleased with the video and would recommend others to purchase it.
- Mary C.
Like listening to someone who is both natural and humble in her presentation painting as if she would in the privacy of her own studio. Alleviated some myths and talk to the point without sense of formality. Johanne is easy to listen to her natural conversation as if she is speaking to me one on one. Glad to find an artist to teach how to paint horses instead of still life or landscapes. After watching the video twice, I am inspired to fit painting in my daily schedule. Thank you
- Bobby

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