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If you’re looking for an “insider” shortcut guide to creating sensational paintings that will supercharge your painting ability, your success, and even your life (even if you’ve never taken an art lesson before), then you’ve gotta read what we’re about to share.

By now you know there are painters, there are masters, and there are exceptional masters. Some call this kind of painting ability good luck, but those who truly understand know that luck has nothing to do with it. 

The key to being a great painter always starts with having a great instructor.

If you want to paint exquisite portraits, stunning skin tones, beautiful expressions, all with a timeless, classical feel, you need to study with the best of the best. Someone who has been appointed a living master.

And what you’re about to discover will transform you...

• You’ll gain the awe and respect of people who now doubt you
• Experience a fresh start with a whole new level of painting
• Earn the respect of your peers and other painters
• Plus, when you can paint this well, it can change your income and your career
The Powerful Secrets of a Living Master
When you multiply your newfound skills, you can move the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran painter, an overwhelmed or confused hobbyist, or a budding rookie eager to devour every tip and technique.

The quickest way to transform your painting ability is to master the delicate art of portraiture. These skills will apply to all of your work, even if you do landscapes or still life.

But true, classical portraiture is not taught in art schools. The “average Jane or Joe” going to most college art programs cannot paint like this even after four years of study … and that’s a crying shame.

And though you SHOULD go to the atelier (studio school) of a master, you may not have the time or the money. So a great alternative is to study under a master on your own timeline and in your own home or studio.

We’re not talking a quick highlights video or something you would see on YouTube. We’re talking about the entire process, from the initial drawing through every layer of paint, including the very delicate passages that result in amazing features and a feel that very few portrait painters on earth achieve.

Look, any decent instructor can show you how to create a competent painting…

But to paint well — the subtle color, delicate skin tones, emotional gestures, sparkling eyes, and a true likeness of the human spirit — you need the inside secrets you won’t ever discover casually on your own.

These advanced secrets won’t just appear to you magically because you have an easel and paint in front of you. Inspiration and passion are simply not enough.

You need a guide who has toiled for tens of thousands of hours, who has studied and worked with some of the greatest masters, who has taken his or her work to an even higher level through experimentation and deep experience. And you need a guide who has won major prizes, been on exhibit in the world’s top museums, and who is truly designated a living master. 
Joshua LaRock is that guide.
Josh takes you by the hand and leads you past the frustrations found in painting and the pain of not knowing how to reach all-new heights.

He takes you directly to the type of painting you can be proud of, the type of painting that draws attention, helps you win awards, helps you gain major commissions, and helps you be sought after by world-class galleries.

He takes you directly to the personal satisfaction that will bring you to tears because you’ll be overcoming the frustrations of the past.
Let me tell you all about it.
In Classical Portraits with Joshua LaRock, you’re going to see different ways to look at the problems you face when painting and discover new and different problem-solving methods. 
Now What?
You’re nearly finished with a potentially amazing painting and find yourself unable to go any further with it because you’ve hit some snags you don’t know how to fix. You know something is wrong, but don’t know exactly WHAT it is.

Now what?

Joshua LaRock specializes in the “Now what?” And in this video, he’s going to show you many different answers to that dreaded question.
Great Artists Become Great Problem-Solvers
By learning Josh’s proven methods, you’ll gain the skills to investigate issues, think clearly through each problem, and then decide on the best way to proceed.

You’ll stop getting stuck mid-painting because you’ll be able to quickly assess, choose a solution, and move forward by applying Josh’s logical processes in your own artwork.
Josh’s Superpower
Knowledge is power. Josh knows how to combine the best of age-old techniques with a positive, modern twist. His works have a classical feel rooted in the past, yet they hang in contemporary environments because they reflect our times. 

His method for using mediums to achieve subtle effects with thin layers of paint will allow you to achieve many wonderful effects in your own paintings. All while he shows you how to overcome the obstacles you’ll face during all phases of painting.

Josh is not only an incredible artist, he’s an excellent instructor — patient, warm, and friendly. He has the ability to articulate his thoughts into actionable steps. He understands your desire to create a captivating likeness using the beautiful techniques of the Old Masters, while at the same time developing your own unique style.

“I’m fortunate to have a choice to study with some of the best painters in the world, and I most wanted to learn how Josh LaRock paints. I was blown away by the results I received after studying with Josh. I never dreamed my first painting after studying with him would be one of the best I’ve ever done. Best of all, because he is such a great teacher, his lessons have stuck with me.”

 - Eric Rhoads, publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and artist

Josh will take you through a full demonstration of a portrait painting, and even if you’re not experienced with portraits, you’ll find the lessons will impact all of your painting. In fact, he uses the same rarely used techniques in his landscape paintings.

If you are a practiced portrait painter, you’ll see how using Josh’s techniques will keep you from being overwhelmed when trying to finish an entire portrait in one sitting. This alone is worth 10 times the investment in this instructional video.
No More Juggling
Through the years, Josh has come to understand that juggling too many variables at once generally leads to all being compromised, especially when artists are in the learning phase.

Josh’s basic approach is not to tackle everything at once, but to address the troublesome components in sequence. This is exactly how he has designed the lessons presented in this video. Each component sets the stage for the next. For example, starting with a preparatory drawing to work out the likeness, pose, and composition builds a solid foundation for the next phase. This step-by-step method ensures that every facet of the painting is understandable and manageable.
Multiple Problems — Multiple Solutions
Throughout this video, Josh presents multiple problem-solving tools and ideas you can apply in your own artwork. For example, you’ll appreciate the importance of his layering techniques, which give you the opportunity to adjust your painting as it progresses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much everything changes and begins to “glow” as you add layers.

Many of Josh’s students have found his thoughtful, methodical approach has brought them clarity on fundamentals they have struggled with for years — such as proportions, measuring, creating a solid portrait drawing, and mixing the elusive qualities of flesh tones.

By finally mastering these critical skills, students are able to progress further in a shorter amount of time.
Invest in Yourself as an Artist
You can wish that you’ll get better. You can practice your present techniques, but that may not take you where you want to be. Your best option is to invest in yourself.
Four Days of Demonstration
If you were to attend a live workshop, you would watch Josh paint about four hours a day for four days … that adds up to 16 hours. Though workshops are wonderful, have you ever left one realizing that you forgot a key step and can’t find it in your notes? With this video, you can simply jump to specific areas so you can remember and rehearse critical steps.

This video contains over 16 hours of instruction and is beneficial for artists of every genre and at every skill level. You’ll see how each phase of painting builds to the next and how using this logical system will help you create higher-quality, more satisfying paintings.

How would your paintings (and even your life!) change if you invested 16 hours and painted along with this living master? It would be transformational.

Included in this best-selling video course are secrets most artists never discover, such as:
  • ​The ONE thing that will be a game-changer in your paintings
  • ​There WILL be problems (here’s how to overcome them!)
  • ​Become a super-sleuth (how good investigative skills lead to better paintings!)
  • ​The benefits of painting in layers (you’ll be convinced!)
  • ​Create amazing effects (you’ll wish you had known this years ago!)
  • ​Discover a newfound sense of clarity (this is sure to help you paint better!)
  • ​The trouble (and solutions!) with flesh tones
  • ​Get THIS right and your painting will be off to a good start
  • ​Easily progress past hurdles and confidently move forward
  • ​Translate the illusion of dimension (Josh shows you how)
  • ​Stop competing with reality … without losing your own touch
  • ​Things are not always as you see them (understand this and your paintings will improve!)
  • ​How tricking your mind will yield big results!
  • ​Learn the language of value, hue, and chroma (you’ll be your own translator!)
  • ​Glazing and scumbling — all the details!
  • ​Create subtle changes through palette management (this is pure gold!)
  • ​Achieve more accurate drawings by using this unconventional technique (it’s all here!)
  • ​Help your eyes develop a healthy distrust of what they see!
  • ​… And so much more!
Learn Directly from the Best
Within the first few minutes of watching this video, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision by studying with Joshua LaRock.

He has the ability to constructively lead you to a much better understanding of what it takes to create a painting that has depth and meaning … a painting that will draw viewers in and allow them to see the emotion you intended. You’ll quickly see that Josh’s skill at making subtle adjustments throughout a painting will lead you to getting your own paintings right where you want them.

You’ll want to keep this video close and refer to it again and again as you progress through your own paintings. Each time you watch, you’ll find new and different ways of applying Josh’s special techniques so that your paintings become beautiful and poetic and reflect who you are as an artist.
About Joshua LaRock
Joshua LaRock is internationally recognized as a preeminent figurative artist. His exquisite paintings are an ode to the past, filtered through a contemporary life. His portraits and narrative pieces are memorable both for their emotive quality and for evoking an eerily present feeling. Inspired by Bouguereau and other masters, Josh draws the viewer deeply into his personal interpretation of how the world ought to be.
This Is the Course Even Josh Himself Would Have Killed to Own
Josh spent over a decade trying to learn and discover these techniques, and had something like this been available to him when he started, chances are it would have sped up his learning curve and made him reach this stage of painting much sooner. 

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You risk nothing.

Now, it’s up to you.
Your Chance to Learn from a Living Master
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Added Bonus Features if You Order Today
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For added value, if you order today, you’ll also receive several bonus segments: Exploring Color, Simultaneous Contrast, and more.

You’ll soon discover why Joshua has been recognized as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, an honor bestowed on only a handful of artists.
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P.S. If you’ve been frustrated with your paintings or wondering how you can advance your skills to a new realm, and if you’ve wanted to see how it feels when people marvel over your paintings, this video is for you. 

P.P.S. Josh’s techniques apply to every kind of painting and every level of painter, and, as you progress, you can watch it again to discover new things you may not have noticed before. What you’ll discover here is just the thing you need to progress your paintings to exactly the level you’ve been seeking. 
We’re confident you will benefit so much from Classical Portraits with Joshua LaRock that you can return it within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your 100% of your money. It's our IRON CLAD promise. There is absolutely no risk. Our word is our bond and our reputation.
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