How to Master the Art of Painting Trees
Every tree has its own characteristics. Get the trees wrong, and that’s the first thing your viewers will see in your paintings (ugh!)
“Painting trees is easy,” they said…

“Just a few greens and browns and you’re good,” they said…

Well, by now, you know “they” were wrong in that simplistic, unrealistic tree-painting advice!

And since the ability to paint trees is rather essential to most landscape painters, we’ve done something a little out of character for us … So keep reading and get ready — it’s time to up your tree skills!

Streamline Premium Art Video is delighted to bring you Mastering Trees with artist Paul Kratter.

It’s All in a Name
The title says it all! This video was designed with a very specific purpose — to help you master the art of painting trees. And we sought out an artist who has done beautiful paintings of just about every kind of tree on earth. Trees are Paul Kratter’s superpower.

Paul knows that when you’re painting a tree, you’re really painting a portrait of that tree. Each tree is different … each has its own features and personality. And let’s face it, the trees have to be right or it can throw the whole painting off — the proportion, light, shadow, sky holes … it all has to be believable. And trees are a great compositional tool if you know how to use them to make your painting stronger.
Unusual for Us
Now, most of the videos we produce cover a wide range of subjects. It’s very rare for us to offer one that is mainly focused on a single topic like this one is. But when we surveyed our audience, EVERYONE asked for help in getting better at trees.

But don’t worry … there’s so much more!

Yes, you’re about to get a comprehensive lesson on painting trees … and foliage, bark, and creating form and a realistic feel — the fundamental skills that most (if not all) landscape painters need. And, in the process of learning to paint better trees, you’re also getting so much other good stuff here.

Paul is going to teach you his entire landscape painting process. This video is full of tips, tools, and the techniques Paul uses that will cross over to things you paint besides trees. Paul is a master at turning more complicated tasks into manageable steps that are simple and that yield predictable results. These skills are universal!

Hey, maybe we should have called this video Mastering Trees … and More!
Without even knowing it, you’ve probably picked up on Paul Kratter’s philosophy: Keep a lighthearted, positive attitude and just laugh and have fun with your painting. This spirit makes it easy for you to learn from him, yet doesn’t discount that you’re serious about your art and want to create gorgeous, high-quality paintings.
Paint with Paul in Real Time
Paul encourages you to paint right along with him in the video. He’ll explain every step, and you can pause the video to finish before advancing to the next step. By painting along in real time, you’ll be putting your new skills right to work … and in the order Paul presents the information. This way, you won’t have to translate what Paul teaches into your own paintings — it’s all right here for you! (How easy is that?!)

Once done, you’ll have your own beautiful rendition of Eucalyptus Stand, the painting that Paul demonstrates from start to finish for you in this video. Plus, keep reading and you’re going to find out about a little bonus video that’s included to give you even more practice!
Chunk Learning
And remember what we’ve been telling you for years: Master one thing at a time, and it will speed your development as an artist. This may be the time to learn everything you possibly can about painting trees.
Paint along with Paul and discover:
  •  How to take landscapes and trees from complicated to simple and logical (Paul has a system!)
  •  Each tree is unique and has its own character — true in life, now true in your paintings!
  •  The secret sauce to better sketches (and so much easier!)
  •  You’re looking at this WRONG … now you’ll see more clearly!
  •  The light, shadow, and sky holes … let’s get real!
  •  Ever struggle with atmosphere? Those days are over!
  •  Strong Composition = Stronger Painting (Paul proves it!)
  •  What’s that off in the distance? (Do THIS and your viewers will know what it is!)
  •  Need a boost to your confidence? Here it is!
  •  What most painters get wrong when putting leaves against the sky
  •  And lots, lots more…
Bonus Content
As an added bonus to this already content-rich video, we’re including a special segment with Paul showing you how to paint a variety of individual tree types — so helpful, because you have to approach each type differently (no two are alike!).
Paint with Confidence
Never again will you shy away from including certain trees because you’re not sure how to do them justice … and you know if you don’t get the trees right, you won’t be happy with the final product. Paul will help boost your confidence for painting trees and more!
About Tree Master Paul Kratter
Paul has been an artist his entire life. He spent 22 years as an illustrator and has been a plein air painter since 2002 — the blended result of his love for art and for the outdoors. His strong foundation in design and composition is what helped him create the simple and logical system he uses and teaches. 
Advance Planning
Paul says that one of the reasons his work is very different from other artists’ is because he makes so many decisions about the painting BEFORE he ever touches a paintbrush. He operates from a platform that says when you do the work up front, the painting will just flow naturally. You won’t be wasting precious paint time trying to fix what’s not working. Success comes because of the planning and by using a simple, logical workflow.

And now is your chance to learn from this artist who has mastered the art of painting trees. 

Not only are you getting the main video showcasing Paul’s simple and logical system for painting landscapes and trees, including a full start-to-finish painting demonstration, you’re getting the bonus segment on painting a variety of trees. You’ll also enjoy an interview with the artist and a digital gallery of some of his work.
You’ll Be a Happy Painter or We’ll Take It Back!
We stand behind our products, so we’re confident in offering you our Happy Painter Guarantee. If you want to paint better trees, order this video. Paint along with Paul, and if, for whatever reason, it’s not going to be the thing that lets you cross “paint better trees” off your to-do list, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund every penny you paid for it.

See, we want you to be happy, and we think you should only spend your money on videos that will really help you excel as a painter. You get to decide if it’s right for you, and if it’s not, we’ll gladly provide a refund. You have our word … and our guarantee!
Do It for the Sake of Your Paintings
Get this video, and see for yourself just how simple it can be to up your tree skills and, in the process, paint better landscapes overall. Paint right along with Paul, practice each step, and get ready to nail it when you create your next original painting.
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P.S. Let’s face it, landscape painters must have good tree skills! That’s why we’ve produced a video that is highly focused on this topic (while also covering Paul Kratter’s entire landscape painting process). Don’t pass up your chance to add this video to your resource library — order now!
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