Discover the Hidden Techniques 
That Made Sorolla “The Master of Light”
Claude Monet called Joaquín Sorolla the “Master of Light.”

Imagine if Sorolla had secretly left behind a step-by-step manual showing you how to recreate his incredible techniques for depicting light and emotion.

It would be one of the biggest breakthroughs in art history. Yet as far as we’re aware, Sorolla, who died in 1923, never left such a manual.

There are four masters most artists consider the best of the best of the 19th century: Sargent, Zorn, Monet, and Sorolla. 

Sorolla was known for making light glow on human flesh, nearly making viewers squint with the feel of sunlight in his paintings. 
Few artists in the world have ever come close to understanding Sorolla’s secrets. 

Though little is documented about Sorolla's techniques, artist Thomas Jefferson Kitts has made it his life's mission to discover those techniques through observation and experimentation.

Kitts has spent endless hours breaking down Sorolla’s paintings, experimenting with color, contrast, and composition until he figured out Sorolla's complex methods.

Today Kitts is ready to pass on these findings to you.

We are finally unveiling Kitts’ discoveries on Sorolla with:

A 3-Day Video Class on How to Paint Like Sorolla 
Taught by a Highly Accomplished Artist
For the record:

This doesn’t involve flying to the other end of the country (or worse — to a different country) for an expensive retreat. 

In fact, you get access to this training for less than the price of a plane ticket! 

In other words, it’s an incredible value compared to what even a low-end three-day retreat would cost. 

(More on this in a moment…)

First, you might be wondering:
“What’s So Fascinating About Painting the Color of Light?”
Put it this way:

More than a century later, Sorolla’s work continues to win new admirers every single day. Major museum shows have people lining up to view his work. 

It’s easy to see why.

His paintings allow you to see light, life, and emotional stories — things many modern paintings simply lack.

Sorolla’s paintings also have a level of intimacy that warms the heart.

You see, he loved painting his family … specifically in beautiful and pastoral outdoor scenes. 

He’d capture every ray of light with the utmost perfection. You feel as though the skin would be warm from the Spanish sun if you touched it.

Imagine having the ability to paint your own children, grandchildren, family, and friends just like Sorolla. 

You could create your own priceless family heirloom to last for generations... 

Listen to this: 

We convinced one of the world’s best living painters, Thomas Jefferson Kitts, to come to our studios to reveal everything he has learned about Sorolla. 

After three days of shooting and editing, we ended up with 15 hours of instruction.

This is one of our most detailed videos yet, and Kitts leaves nothing on the table. He shares everything you need to know to become a fantastic painter.

This training is so easily understood that even if you’ve never painted before, you’ll be able to produce a painting from start to finish with clear understanding.

Thomas Kitts has not only studied Sorolla, he is an accomplished painter himself.

Here’s just a handful of his achievements:

  • He’s a signature member of the Laguna Beach Plein Air Painters Association
  •  His work has been exhibited at the Portland Art Museum, the Laguna Art Museum, the Maritime Museum of Curacao, the Academy Museum of Art in Easton, Maryland, and more
  •  His work is in the permanent collections of the Maryhill Museum (WA) and the Fleischer Museum (AZ)
  •  He has been featured in several issues of PleinAir Magazine and named an Artist to Watch by The Informed Collector.
  •  He’s a multiple RayMar Art and PleinAir Magazine Salon Finalist.
And even after all that, we’re still not even close to listing all his achievements

Which is why we were thrilled when he agreed to take so much time out of his schedule to film one of our most in-depth art trainings yet.

It’s called…
Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light
By Thomas Jefferson Kitts
The training was filmed over three days.

Kitts is a natural on camera and will put you at ease. He is an excellent, encouraging teacher. 

Not only does he perform his demonstrations clearly…

He talks you through everything he does — he is a very professional instructor. 

You simply follow along with Kitts as he paints. 

It’s a format proven time and again to help both new and experienced painters improve quickly. 
Here’s a quick look at what’s included:
  • The importance of shape, hue, value, intensity, and temperature (these are even more important than usual when painting in the style of Sorolla)
  • The simple trick Sorolla used to convey the intensity of light in his paintings 
  • What Sorolla used to make color stand out 
  • The special way Sorolla conveyed the intensity of light in his paintings
  • What to do inside the shadows (your “art friends” will beg you to show them how to do this)
  • A simple tool you have in your studio that can benefit you
  • What Sorolla used to convey a feel of light and color throughout the painting.
  • Thomas admits he does something more often in his studio than he does in this demonstration. Find out what it is … and why doing this is important
  • The way Thomas paints, something he says everyone needs to pick up. 
  • A certain brushstroke Thomas does to add “finesse” to certain aspects in his painting (strokes like this make your work even more realistic)
  • How to capture the sense of depth, form, and distance that ignites your canvas with color — one of the major things Sorolla did that enabled him to become such a renowned painter.
And for the record…

All of the above is just a taste of what is covered in Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light on just the first day alone. Here’s a brief look at what’s included in Days 2 and 3:
  • What most artists don’t know about two key colors 
  • Want to prevent the paint film from chipping, cracking, or flaking? Then watch out for this.
  • The importance of scraping (and how to do it right)
  • How to convey the story of light and the right angle of light
  • How something a famous composer said will help you in your paintings
  • The fascinating little patch of paint that makes a huge difference 
  • How to make a “warm” highlight look warmer
  • How to make a “cool” highlight look cooler 
  • The “block” technique that will help you see your painting differently
  • What you need to know about painting hair 
  • Plus a common rule most art teachers preach … that Thomas actually breaks (and he’s delighted with the result)
This isn’t all you get when you invest in Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light.

You see, we also conducted an interview with Thomas where he reveals…
  • Incredible advice for a first-time plein air painter
  • What inspired him as an artist early in life
  • What he learned from painting Dalmatians 
  • The reason he didn’t get much sleep while he was learning plein air painting 
  • How many of the great painters first learned to paint
  • The complex subject of light “temperature,” simplified
You get full access to this interview when you buy Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light.

Yet what we’ve mentioned above is only a tiny snippet of the interview. 

Thomas reveals a whole lot more on top of this. 

But first, it’s important you know…
This Video Is NOT for Everyone
We’ll be straight with you.

This isn’t for you if you expect to go from beginner to pro in a couple of hours.

This isn’t for you if you are not willing to invest in yourself to grow as an artist.

This isn’t for you if you are not passionate about painting.

This isn’t for you if you’re not willing to use your brain and think about the concepts you’re about to learn.

Here’s the thing:

Both beginners and veterans can benefit from this exceptional video. 

Thomas provides a running commentary almost the entire way through. 

He never once leaves you thinking “Why did he do that?” or “Why hasn’t he done that?”

Yet painting the color of light requires you to do some thinking yourself. Especially if you want to take your skills outside and paint in nature after completing the training.

So who is this for, then?
In a nutshell…

This is for patient painters ready to take their work to the next level by mastering the use of color to depict light. 

If this describes you, listen up.

We bring exciting news. 

See, most of our trainings take place over a single day. 

Yet this one?

Takes place over three.

We spent a small fortune putting everything together. 

Which is why we want to recoup part of that cost as quickly as possible. Therefore we’re giving you this training at a big discount.
Retail: $171
Your price: $137
You can get the streaming video version for instant access.  

Click the link below now to order this incredible video.
100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee 
With our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk whatsoever. If for any reason you open it, watch it, and don’t feel you got enough out of it to make it worth your investment, let us know and we’ll refund all of your money. No games. No pressure. We do this because we want happy customers.
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