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Monterey, 2015 

It’s a story worth telling, and it all started at the 2015 Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) in Monterey, where hundreds of artists gathered for a week of classes, demonstrations, and presentations by some of the world’s top artists.

At that convention, artist Bryan Mark Taylor gave a presentation on one of the smaller stages. He shared just a bit of his latest studies on how the human brain learns and translated that into a specific session about how artists learn. The room was jam-packed, and the enthusiastic crowd scored that session as one of the most highly rated of the entire week.

Encore, Encore! 

Following that event, Bryan told me there was so much more to share with artists about how to grow as painters, yet time just did not allow him to get very deeply into the practical “how-to’s.” So at this year’s convention, held in Tucson, Arizona, we invited him to present again, this time from the main stage, and allowing more time so all 900 people in attendance could experience an intensive overview of what Bryan has to offer. Once again, the convention hall was filled with excited artists taking lots of notes, who showed their heartfelt appreciation to Bryan with a rousing standing ovation.

Bryan Helped Me, and He Can Help You, Too! 

I personally have received so many benefits from Bryan’s presentation, and by implementing the techniques that he demonstrated, I have already taken a giant leap forward in my own painting abilities. It was that beneficial to me, and I am confident it will be for you, too.

I want every artist in the world to be able to watch it and begin their ascent to a much higher level of painting, so I am making this full one-hour session available for FREE — absolutely no strings attached.

This could be the day your life as an artist changes forever because of what you’re about to discover.

Say no more, just take me to the FREE video!

Eric Rhoads
PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur Magazines

PS: I’m sharing this one-hour session free because it’s so powerful it will help every artist overcome the frustration of not growing fast enough. Best of all, Bryan Mark Taylor’s system for growing as a painter is so easy that you’ll see immediate benefit if you follow what he has to say. Please enjoy this free video, and be sure to watch until the end, as Bryan takes questions from the audience and provides answers that will help accelerate your learning.

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