How a Nightmare Medical Procedure Led to the Discovery of the Six-Step Nocturne Painting System
Join Carl Bretkze — a Radiologist Turned Professional Artist — as He Reveals the 6 Steps to Creating Paintings That Evoke the Feeling of Nighttime Solitude and Tranquility
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On January 8, Lucas Lagrange almost lost his life.

An extremely rare accident happened during a routine colonoscopy.

(So rare that fewer than 80 cases have been reported worldwide since 1970.)

The medical team at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center lacerated Lucas’s spleen without perforating his colon.

Oblivious to the fact that Lucas’s life was in danger, they sent him home.

By 5 p.m the same day, Lucas had severe pain in his lower abdomen and back…

His wife, Mary, rushed him to the hospital — clueless as to what was happening...

A shocking CT scan showed that Lucas was bleeding from his spleen…

Not wasting a single second, the medical team went into a mad rush to save him... 

They performed a delicate procedure to cut off the organ’s blood supply and repair an unstable aortic aneurysm. 

It was a nerve-wracking maneuver…

One wrong move would mean certain death.

If not for the calm and steady hands of a trained interventional radiologist…

Lucas wouldn’t be alive today!

Carl Bretzke was no stranger to such experiences...

Before becoming a full-time professional artist, he practiced interventional radiology for a number of years.

Carl’s experience in the medical world gave him an almost superhuman ability to discern subtle differences in values and shapes.

And years of practice gave him phenomenal hand-eye coordination.

Those two skills happen to be crucial in art!

This is probably why he’s able to create truly magical and captivating nocturnes...

His admiring followers often say his paintings exude the feeling of solitude and tranquility.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to do that?

Imagine being able to paint a night scene that gets viewers to feel its beauty…

Imagine painting a scene that allows your viewers to reminisce about their yesteryears…

Imagine creating believable and beautiful nocturnes that pull viewers into the scene!

If you want to know how, then look no further...

Because Carl is going to share his mystical techniques in a brand new course called Nocturnes: Painting the Night.
By the way, you definitely do not need any sort of medical skills...

Because Carl will teach you how to paint a nocturne (outside and in the studio) from start to finish — no matter your experience level.

Painting nocturnes can be frustrating and confusing without a systematic, step-by-step approach…

Carl will share with you his personal “Six-Step System” for creating successful nocturnes consistently.

Inside the course, you’ll discover “atmosphere-capturing” techniques, advanced “illumination brushwork,” his “Blended Method” technique to create gorgeous halos, and much more!

You’ll discover the secrets to painting realistic vehicles at night…

...how to make neon glow … how to create light halo effects … how to use artificial light sources the right way…

You’ll learn how to subtly change the color of the sky so it reads like reality.

You’ll discover the specific tools to help you create believable glowing effects.

Carl will also reveal tons of brushwork tips for unifying, blending, and putting paint down delicately.

And that’s not all — here’s what’s inside the Nocturnes: Painting the Night course:
The “Six-Step System” to Creating Successful Nocturnes
Carl says the most challenging part for an artist approaching a nocturne is knowing how to start. 

You need a proven system for approaching, developing, and completing a successful nocturne. 

Carl will show you the exact six-step system he uses every time to produce atmospheric nocturnes like clockwork.
You’ll soon realize how important it is to paint in the proper sequence.
Differentiate Yourself with Nocturnes
Carl will show you new ways of thinking about lights and darks and how to masterfully apply your newfound understanding to your paintings...

This course will teach new skills to help you stand out from the crowded field of landscape and cityscape painters.

You’re going to have something different that might surprise your followers and buyers … and even attract the attention of galleries!
Painting with Prismatic Colors
Carl will teach you how to create glow by blending prismatic colors using his self-discovered techniques.

You’ll discover how to accomplish realistic transitions of colors on various shapes and complex environments.

You’ll learn how to achieve the luminosity that is essential in glowing lights and reflections in nocturne paintings…

And you’ll also learn how to ensure proper color harmony throughout your paintings.
The Secret to Painting Hauntingly Beautiful Halos
After this course, you’re going to be an expert in painting convincing halos...

You’re going to have the confidence in painting light sources that will result in realistic glows every time.

You’ll learn the difference the color of the light source makes to the scene you are painting... 

You’ll also learn how to avoid dull blending, and how to embrace painting with “glowing” colors.
The Science of Light
Science? In art? 

Believe it or not, understanding the science of light is going to turn you into a terrific nocturne artist.

Far from being a yawn-fest, this lesson will show you examples of how to make the lights in your painting look more realistic based on the principles of light, color, and the spectrum.

After this, you’ll understand the “why” behind making good color decisions.
Master the 3 Nocturnes:
Dark of Night, Crimson Dusk, and Twinkling Starlight
Carl will reveal his painting techniques behind all three different styles of nocturne.

You’ll discover that they’re not the same light-wise, something that can deceive even experienced artists.

You’ll also learn how to easily change the time of night with just a few simple tricks…
What’s exciting about the Nocturnes: Painting the Night course:
  • ​The “Six-Step System” to creating successful nocturnes
  • ​Differentiate yourself and surprise others with nocturnes
  • ​How to paint nighttime lit and shadowy snow
  • ​Tricks to painting realistic reflections
  • ​How to apply paint in illuminated areas so you can avoid “mud” colors
  • ​How to literally “see” in the dark and make better color choices
  • ​The magic of “color shifting” and how to improve your prismatic color painting skills
  • ​Nocturne secrets no book can tell you, and how they improve your daylight paintings
  • ​The best tools to help you create glowing effects more easily
  • ​Learn the fascinating science of light and how to apply it to your nocturnes
  • ​How to create gorgeous glows around lights
  • ​Light source positioning tips (vital lesson)
  • ​Painting intriguing “whiteless” white for extra effect.
  • ​How to make a local color change when in light vs. when in shadow
  • ​The little-known trick to enhancing the reality of the painting
  • ​How to improve transitions between light and shadow
  • ​The secrets to atmospheric color blending
  • ​The quickest and easiest way to choose great nocturne subjects
  • ​3 detailed painting walkthroughs
  • ​High-speed video of Carl's demonstration painting
  • ​PLUS: A special interview with Carl by Eric Rhoads
  • ​And much, much more!
"Painting the Night" by Carl Bretzke
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