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Make Your Paintings Stand Out Above the Crowd with Color Magic
Dear Artist,

Why is it that some paintings reach out, grab you, and feel just perfect?

Why is it that most of us can paint our whole lives and still feel like something is missing? 

If you were to study the best paintings in museums to try and understand why they look so perfect, you probably still would not get it, because you may not know what to look for.

You see, there is one thing most artists never get — one thing you won’t see in a painting when you stare at it. And yet it’s a technique most great artists finally discover, sometimes after a lifetime of painting.

That one thing is color.

I’m not talking about blue plus yellow equals green or basic color mixing. I’m talking about how to create harmony in your painting by using color as a tool. 

Color harmony is about a combination of things … how you mix color, how you represent light and shadow, where you lay down certain colors to make other colors stand out or make them vibrate, and how the painting captures a mood and a feeling based on understanding color dominance. It’s also about how to see color and represent it so it captures the feeling you want to portray.

Would you believe us if we told you color harmony doesn’t have to be complicated? Yes, there are people who make it complicated and confusing, but it does not have to be. Well, keep reading because we’re about to tell you all about it … and we’re going to let you see it for yourself!

This is going to be a serious turning point for you because you’ll now be the boss of your painting!

Soon, you will be identifying the actual colors found in your scene and then mixing just the right paints to capture that color and to create harmony across your painting. You’ll be able to do this with less and less effort, until it becomes second nature to you. 

What’s the secret? It all starts with understanding color, learning how to see it, and predicting the light. Know this, and you can plan for anything — what’s the real color of that fence? How can I create the right shadow to make the color harmonize?
High Demand for Color Harmony
Little did we know just how much people wanted to understand color. But we recently learned that many of our friends are struggling with it. So we started asking around and found a painter who not only understands color, she is great at teaching it. 

Introducing Suzie Baker's Color Magic — a brand new instructional video that will help you quickly and easily master color theory.
Suzie is an award-winning artist and highly sought-after instructor who has made color theory more easily understandable for everyone. She takes a very practical approach to color so you can identify and create accurate color mixes, setting you up for success every time.

Suzie does this by explaining, step by step, what goes into color selection and then leading you through an important assignment — yes, a hands-on painting assignment! And because you’ll have this entire lesson on video, you can pause or replay as much as you want, all without the pressure you may feel when attending a workshop or class. This is all on your own schedule and at your own pace. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

This video contains three hours of instruction! You’ll watch and paint right along with Suzie all through the assignment, then watch some more as she takes everything she’s just taught you and applies it to a beautiful painting, step by step.
You will really enjoy Suzie’s comfortable teaching style — she is a polished instructor and teaches and paints with fun and ease. She is encouraging and will give you lots of great tips on how your paintings can get better and better.

Imagine yourself creating paintings with beautiful color harmony that stand out above the crowd. Instead of frustrating trial and error, you’ll move right into the fun part — creating a gorgeous painting!
Why You Need This Now!
Great artists have great resource libraries filled with things they turn to time and again to fine-tune their skills. This is one video you definitely need in your resource library. You’ll want to keep it handy and refer to it again and again as you paint more and really sharpen your color skills. Each time you watch it, you’ll notice something you had not noticed before. And as you get more skilled at color, when you watch it again, you’ll understand it even more deeply.

And each time you watch, you’ll hear Suzie again share one of her best tips — how to find time in your life to paint more! To an artist, there’s no better homework than just to paint more, is there?

Here is just a glimpse at what else Suzie is going to reveal in this video:
  • Analyze and mix colors like a pro — goodbye pain, hello pleasure!
  • How to bring realistic glowing light into your paintings
  • How to make informed decisions about pushing the color of objects — not nearly as tough as it seems
  • How to prepare your canvas in advance and why it’s just like wearing Spanx™! (You’ll love this truth bomb!)
  • How color theory relates to painting outdoors — applies to any media and subject matter, and you can put this to use right away
  • Two of the most useful tools you’ll ever find — and they’re cheap!
  • How different light sources affect the colors and shadow of an object (this will be a big “a-ha” moment in your life as an artist!)
  • How to see colors more accurately and filter out what doesn’t matter!
  • Suzie’s best advice on using photography — when it’s a yes and when it’s a no!
  • A simple assignment you should do before every painting — this will help you nail the right colors the first time
  • How to choose what to include and what to leave out in your paintings based on the sources of light so you won’t fight the light anymore!
  • And so much more…
Painting outdoors and in the studio since she was a teenager, Suzie is a professional artist whose work is regularly on display in magazines, prestigious national shows, and plein air invitationals. She is a Signature Member and Vice President of Oil Painters of America and holds Signature status in the American Impressionist Society and American Women Artists.

As you’ll hear Suzie explain, when she became a more experienced artist, she found that what she took for granted, others did as well. She took that knowledge — the fundamentals of color theory — and made it the core foundation of her teaching.

Once an artist really understands color theory, painting becomes more joyful … and isn’t that why you started painting in the first place?

If you have ever signed up for a class or workshop, you know the expenses can add up quickly — the registration fee, travel costs, accommodations, etc. For most artists, this makes attending multiple events nearly impossible. Even if you share the room costs with a fellow artist, you may still have to put up thousands in hard-earned cash. By investing in this video, you’re investing in yourself … and you’ll have a front row seat, and nearly a one-on-one experience, with master artist and instructor Suzie Baker. You’ll see what an absolute bargain the price of this video is once your paintings begin to change.

And you need this! Understanding color and light is the core of what you need to know to be a better painter and to make each painting a delightful success.

You’ll realize how the frustration you’ve felt when dealing with color has led to stress and maybe even hesitation to paint. Once color harmony becomes second nature, you will have jumped a big hurdle in your development as an artist.

Take advantage of Suzie Baker's Color Magic now so you can reclaim your time and lessen your headaches when it comes to these critical skills.
Retail: $161
Your price: $127
You don’t want to spend another minute of your coveted paint time trying to get your colors just right. By using what Suzie is going to show you in this video, your next painting could be much better than your last — you can start looking forward to a moment of pure bliss the first time you don’t struggle with color and light!

But if you wait, your next painting adventure might be another exercise in frustration — don’t let that happen.

You’re going to get the video with over three hours of valuable instruction, the interview with Suzie, her paint palette info, and a video gallery of her artwork — all for just $127! 

Think about your next painting and how good it will feel to put your new knowledge and skills to work … and how much less stressed you’ll be when you start mixing colors better and faster!

Order today and know that you’re making a great investment in yourself and your art.

Happy painting adventures, my friends,

Eric Rhoads
Founder, Streamline Publishing

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P.P.S. Maybe it’s color harmony that’s been holding you back. Don’t let that go on another day! Get the scoop in Suzie Baker's Color Magic so you are the boss of your paintings and not the other way around! Order now!

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With our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk whatsoever. If for any reason you open it, watch it, and don’t feel you got enough out of it to make it worth your investment, let us know and we’ll refund all of your money. No games. No pressure. We do this because we want happy customers.
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