Do You Want to Know the REAL Secret to Creating Amazing Figure Drawings Without Spending Years of Your Life Struggling to Learn How to Draw?
Do You Want to Create Absolutely Stunning Drawings?
Imagine there's a magic pencil...

…and every time you pick up this pencil, you’re able to create incredible drawings like this one — drawings that will leave your viewers speechless:
  • Sitting down and doing amazing drawings that others will marvel at
  • Having the confidence that you can draw stunning, lifelike masterpieces
  • Knowing that all of your artwork will be better once your drawings improve
  • No more frustrating trial and error
Quite simply, every second that you put your magic pencil to work, you create something so lifelike and visually powerful that time seems to stop every time you view it.
Sadly, we all know there is no such thing as a magic pencil…
If you want to learn how to create drawings like the one above, then what we’re about to share with you is the next best thing…
You see, there’s a master artist who has some of the finest drawing skills in the world. His drawings are highly collectable. 

In fact, one of the top realism collectors in the world purchased one of this artist’s sketch pads because he knows it could become a national treasure.

You see, this artist you are about to meet was trained in Florence, Italy, at a very special school that few people in the world ever get to attend. It was there that he discovered these special techniques so few artists possess.
His name is Cesar Santos, and he’s one of the world’s greatest when it comes to drawing the human figure. And when we saw his sketchbooks, we begged him to create a historic documentation of his entire step-by-step process on video.

But we did not want just another drawing video. We wanted a full course that gives you the depth of training that will allow you to create masterful drawings with the skills he teaches you.

Cesar spent weeks preparing for this special video, and created dozens of in-depth drawings, starting with a skeletal drawing, then adding layers of muscles, and then the skin and the textures. He really did his homework to deliver an absolutely top-notch drawing course that will improve your lifetime body of work.
Cesar can’t give you a magic pencil, but here’s what he CAN do:
  • He can show you the powerful system he’s developed to teach you to create amazing, transcendent drawings. You’ve probably never seen anything like this.
  • He can show you a unique step-by-step approach to creating beautiful figure and portrait drawings
  • He can remove all the guesswork from the process so you know exactly what to do next
  • He can help you find success with your art faster and more easily than you would believe
How do we know?
We’ve seen his teaching method live and in action! 

In fact, Cesar’s last video, Secrets of Portrait Painting, broke all previous sales records and continues to be our best seller.

Some comments about Cesar’s teaching style: 

“This is an amazing class. So glad I bought it.” — Rebecca Noelle, San Diego, California

“Fantastic artist and equally fantastic DVD!” — Karen Neary, Ellicott City, Maryland

So Who Is Cesar Santos, and Why Are We So Sure He Can Help YOU?
Cesar Santos was just a young boy when his family fled the desolation of early ’90s Cuba in search of a better life in the United States. 
Becoming a painter was a dream most people in his situation didn’t dare to have…
And yet Cesar defied the odds and went on to become one of the most celebrated and respected artists in the world.
Today his work is on display in prestigious galleries and museums around the globe, from New York to Beijing — and just about everywhere in between.
He’s won far too many awards to list here, and he’s been featured in such prestigious art publications as American Art Collector, American Arts Quarterly, Fine Art Connoisseur, and many more.

His work has been shown at the world’s largest art show, Art Basel, and he is one of the few contemporary realists to bridge the contemporary and the traditional art worlds.
His style?
A rare and wonderful combination of Old Master realist techniques fused with a vivid contemporary expressionist approach — and collectors love it.
In his own words:
My artistic energy drives me to capture the people of my time. I am fascinated with the way our daily activities establish identity in a specific way…
I seek to establish a relationship between the subject and their place in contemporary society. My ultimate interest is in the unnoticeable, yet irreplaceable, people in my community.
Cesar is one of the preeminent authorities on figure drawing today.
He’s a true master in every sense of the word.
And his figure drawing technique is unlike anything you’ve ever come across.

Cesar Has a Secret Technique…
You see, Cesar has developed a very specific method that combines left-brain logic with right-brain creativity.
This allows you to SEE the structure and forms of your model and then take a step-by-step approach to drawing what you see…
…and at the same time, it allows you to tap into the non-logical part of your brain to finish the drawing in a wonderfully expressive way.
Sound like magic?
Until you try it…
And then you’re hooked!
Suddenly you won’t be able to stop drawing figure studies.
When you use Cesar’s secret technique, everything begins to FLOW, and it’s only when you stop to show someone else and you see the astonished look on their face that you realize just how far you’ve come as an artist…
Want to Know Cesar’s Three-Step Process
For Creating Figure Drawings?
There is no room to show you here, but once you master these three steps, your drawings will take on a whole new level of quality.
Cesar recorded every step of this masters’ approach to figure drawing during a very special “closed door” session in our studios…

What we came away with was over 17 hours of rock-solid, master-level training on four discs.

YES, we said 17 hours. Cesar has distilled the most important elements he discovered, eliminating all the unnecessary steps and sharing his most intimate secrets…

Well … at least those that relate to drawing! 
And now we’re finally giving VIP members an opportunity to see it in our new video release, titled:

Secrets of Figure Drawing
with Cesar Santos
This is a complete figure drawing workshop, from beginning to end.
No holds barred.
Nothing held back.
Inside, Cesar reveals every step to creating gallery-quality drawings that are full of life and emotion.
These are the type of figure drawings that will leave your friends and family (or patrons!) speechless…
So if you want to skip all of the trial and error and forgo all the years of struggling to learn how to create incredible figure drawings, this video was created just for you.

Follow along as Cesar reveals:
  • The hidden secret to preparing for your drawing — everything you need in the beginning to give your figure drawing a bulletproof foundation
  • EXACTLY how to photograph a model in order to reduce lens distortion, and how to treat the photograph as if it were a live model in the studio, so you don’t have to pay for hours of modeling time – this alone will save you enough to pay for this video
  • How to create a gesture study that will help you understand the subject and capture the movement and energy of the model
  • A proven way to simplify your forms (and the surprising reason this makes things 10 times easier as you go)
  • A complete A-to-Z solution for creating your first sketches
  • How to craft your gesture lines to create the *exact* movements found around the outline of the model
  • All of the fascinating and unique tools Cesar uses to get vivid texture and beautiful effects with his drawings
  • The easiest way to work with thick, thin, soft, and hard lines in charcoal
  • An in-depth “crash course on the go” covering the important elements and landmarks of the human anatomy you MUST know
  • When you should step back and completely IGNORE the values — and why this makes it so much easier to make refinements and adjustments
  • The secret to working with shapes, volume, values, and light
  • How to know when you should “copy” and when you should “represent” when drawing
  • How to avoid the fatal mistakes people typically make when drawing in charcoal
  • How to create a sense of balance and flow between the different elements of your work
…and so much more than we can possibly fit on this page!
Order today for just
Would you agree that’s worth a one-time investment of just $187?
Don’t decide just yet, because we want you to try it out with ZERO RISK.

This Video Comes With Our
100% “You’ll-Love-It-Or-You-Pay-Nothing” 
MONEY-BACK Guarantee
If you decide — for any reason — that this drawing course isn’t for you, then simply send us an e-mail and return the DVD, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase — no questions asked!
So how do you know if this training is for you?
If you’d like to:
  • Learn how to draw incredibly vivid and lifelike figure drawings…
  • Discover the most effective tips, techniques, and strategies used by a world-famous master artist
  • Escape the headaches and frustrations of trying to learn to draw figure studies without a road map… 
  • Discover the best way to dramatically improve your skills as an artist right now…
Then this drawing course was created for you.
The truth is that this is so much more than a complete A-to-Z figure drawing workshop because it’s rooted in the Florence artist-training tradition, and we guarantee it will help you skyrocket your abilities…
…whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced artist.
And you can try it out completely risk-free!
Are you ready to get started?
Click the button below and get instant access to Secrets of Figure Drawing with Cesar Santos now.
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Your friend,
Eric Rhoads
PS: If you want to learn to create figure drawings from a true master of the technique, using a step-by-step process…
And if you want to finally remove all of the guesswork and improve your figure drawing technique right now, then this 17-hour, four-disc course, Secrets of Figure Drawing with Cesar Santos, was created for you.
PPS: Remember, you can try this training out completely risk-free, so if you don’t absolutely LOVE what you learn, all you have to do is send us an e-mail and return the DVD, and we’ll refund your payment in full!
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